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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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this could be the end of communism. the crisis and all. the stories in iraq that defines our march to baghdad 1979 the big bang that created today's shorts december 23rd w. . x. . welcome to global 3000 this week we take a closer look at the ongoing climate crisis. sweden is throwing its energy into renewables and making the most of its extensive natural resources. i met in mali is helping his community adjust to the effects of climate change. and iraq may be one of the world's top oil producers but wind spread corruption means people there any benefit
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from the wealth it brings. despite the warnings from experts greenhouse gas emissions rose to a new high last year a mind blowing 55300000000 tons. 2 thirds of it was carbon dioxide produced by promise stations run on fossil fuels gap's oil and coal. and although many nations are reducing their reliance on coal the global coal plant tracker platform says that more than $1000.00 new coal fired power stations are under construction or in planning one way of discovering new suit fossil fuels is to levy taxes or fines on c o 2 emissions and that would encourage a shift to green a renewable energies like in sweden for example. it said that sweden sole resides in the law once the. country's industrial heartland
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it helps supply europe with copper and the red paint that covers so many of sweden's houses comes from the county's capital fall and. now the forests are helping to shape sweden's future. for force engineer. and these trees are the key. it might sound like a contradiction but he says cutting down trees on an industrial scale is good for the environment. so if the forest is an exceptional resource. build with wood instead of cement it's good for the environment. and if we stop using fossil fuel and start heating with branches and twigs. then we'll have done a lot for the climate. the math is simple more trees are grown in sweden then are cut down and that helps the forests capture and store more and more c o 2 from the atmosphere. what remains after the timber is processed is
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collected and then the heavy machinery gets to work. the resulting biomass is used to warm stockholm's homes. trains and ships transport more than a 1000 tons of wood chips to the swedish capital each week. they fuel one of the world's most advanced power plants it generates both heat and energy for the community enough to power 150000 electric cars and 190000 apartments. cold country and need heat local councils massively expanded long distance heating in the sixty's. and since the carbon tax was introduced silex were converted to use. a new pilot facility is currently under construction that will filter c o 2 out of the plant's exhaust for the reducing the c o 2 expelled into the atmosphere. travels through forests he's
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normally driving on electricity his car's gas motor only kicks in after 50 kilometers. and the world's highest carbon tax can really be felt at the pump adding $0.25 to the cost of every liter of fuel. and had to be. a capacity of 10 kilos water. when i fully charge the battery it costs about $10.00 crowns that's enough for 50 kilometers with gas it would cost $3.00 times as much energy production in sweden is almost 100 percent fossil fuel free hydroelectric plants are responsible for 40 percent of it many of the facilities like this one have been producing c o 2 neutral power for over 100 years. but nuclear power plants like the one at forest mark north of stockholm still generate just as much energy since we've been declared it wants to be c o 2 neutral by 2045 there's been little talk of shutting down the country's nuclear
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plants many of the facilities will stay online for decades to come. at the same time sweden is expanding its wind power parks using money from the carbon tax. comes home after a cold fall day a small heat pump keeps his home toasty. standard feature for many single family homes. says have become too expensive but isn't ready to give up his fireplace just yet. that we installed this fireplace in case there is ever a blackout. when you're in the evenings. sweden is blanketed by forests logging is still the most important economic sector . of the country is turning to sawdust as a source of power. even airplanes sweden's
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largest oil company has teamed up with the largest sawmill operator. using a process called pyrolysis. by heating sawdust. chemistry know how to create this great material. for us and a big challenge. for us just the other way around so i guess we need. in 2021 will be one from sort of here commercially for the 1st time back of the. wife is a doctor on maternity leave they have 3 children even the typical swedish meatballs here a vegetarian and better for the environment thorson's were concerned about the environment long before got to turn back became a household name. the. flight shame is something we talk about at
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least for now we're not planning any long distance flights i don't. maybe we should be traveling less it's better by train but you have to ask yourself whether you have to go at all think of it the quote from my yoda the highest tax in the world doesn't seem to have impacted the torsen sins too much but it still caused a massive change in sweden over the last 30 years. another side effect of rising temperatures is desert expansion something north africa's to hell region those well large areas that this is a hell now regularly experienced drought. thailand is becoming a rare commodity leading to increased conflict in the region take mali it's been mired in crisis for years. now reports a year in schneider travelled to the landlocked country in west africa in found
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that he enjoyed the hospitality of the local man who's become an expert on climate change. there's only enough moisture in the sand for the butterflies even though the rainy season just ended. up doing. is the mayor of a town in southern mali. it wasn't drawing 10 years ago now we can't fight rice anymore we don't stop. we soon won't have any rain at all. to say. a few months ago mayor coulibaly got a phone call from the capital bamako it was an invitation to take part in a seminar on climate change one that the mayor was happy to accept. now for to me any. sort of i've been opposed to the destruction of our forests for a long time. but thanks to the workshop i learned even more about the consequences
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of deforestation. it inspired me to do more to protect nature and the environment. is one of around $3500.00 officials in mali who have taken part in the climate change seminars these days protecting the environment is on the agenda of almost every council meeting. most of foreigners 30000 residents are poor and subsist on what the land gives them cotton is the most important crop here . but growing at takes a lot of water. the niger river is an important lifeline for mali and supplies the country with water year round. but it's too far away for the farmers and finally they have to depend on grain water. now that rain has become scarce many local
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farmers have begun selling charcoal. malise dependence on wooden charcoal for fuel is a major contributor to deforestation. funny and his brother my do are both farmers and also operate a small roadside stand. and we're not selling charcoal for fun. we know that climate change is real. and we do. it for the land doesn't give us enough to survive on. if we had a choice to stop selling charcoal. but things may be changing thanks to the new insights the mayor gained at the workshop. those new ideas have won over shaken. he and his family run
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a small farm on just 2 hectares of land in recent years the harvests have been too small recently shake mamadou started planting different crops now his family can make ends meet without destroying the forest. and told us that fewer trees means less rain. and that's why i decided to stop making charcoal and start planting trees. are going to live off the. trees from my nursery and grow eucalyptus trees that i sell for lumber. he's already sold more than $10000.00 seedlings. conservationism is taking root in fina ever since the mayor launched his environmental campaign. were different. when i stand here and see this i get the feeling that we're on the right path in the fight against climate change. and.
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part of that fight is helping farmers boost their harvest. at the workshop mayor coulibaly learned about new drought resistant seeds. he knows that people will move away if they don't have enough to eat. we realize that many people in the area were selling their farms and working in the gold mines because their harvest were too small. that's also a consequence of climate change. mamadou farm also thought about throwing in the towel and moving away his harvests had declined thanks to advice from climate change experts he knew millet seeds from bamako they only need a single heavy rain to start growing and that made all the difference it will be.
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what i used to only harvest one and a half tons of millet. with the new seeds i get 3 terms. the mayor knows that his work has just begun he plans to keep raising awareness in fana of the need to fight climate change. i hope more people take up the fight against climate change here. and then we'll have lots of trees and plenty of rain again. it's very important so that the coming generations will be able to live the way our grandparents did. used to see wild animals near the town now they're gone because the bush has vanished you do. if climate change continues life will only become more difficult for the people
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here the desert will keep creeping ever closer to find out that's also something mayor coulibaly learned at the workshop. hundreds of people have been left dead since antigovernment protests began in iraq many iraqis are infuriated by corruption and mismanagement despite the country's vast oil reserves many ordinary citizens are struggling to survive. or you are among the lucky ones they live just 5 minutes from school some of their classmates have to walk an hour or more. there's no public transportation here iraq's rural south receives little attention from the central government. no support for children or for education. parents have built their own school made of mud and strong the cheapest materials available. is the school's principal
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for years he's been fighting in vain to secure government funding for a new building as well as for chairs desks and teaching materials here you've been his classmates are still being taught in this makeshift building it's too hot in the summer and cold and damp in the winter. right sara out of one oregon so muddy that we can't walk around and there are strong winds and the roof is leaking so water comes in and the teachers suffer too of course my limited life. there's no electricity and no lights which is why the door next to the white board stays open. almost. no electricity means there is no school down either.
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the principal is frustrated he says his school and its students are trapped in the stone age. they started an electricity project 5 years ago but it was put on hold and nothing's happened since we asked their arses for financial assistance but nothing happened. the only power line anywhere nearby belongs to a wealthy farmer who had it connected to his property. electricity is in short supply in iraq even though the country is a major oil producer. that oil pumps 200000000 euros into state coffers every day. money that could be invested in infrastructure says this engineer. obviously thought then he could buy components to get the necessary power plant back to full capacity instead of the current 30 percent i hear more not all of us if we could
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buy the materials we need but the economic crisis in iraq makes that difficult the parts we need of the heart and soul of this plant. iraq's economic was are to a degree home grown much of the oil wealth is law student corruption is the country's children he leaves out the most. meeting without. just 12 but he says that if the country's oil wealth were invested properly many of the country's problems could be addressed. i have a valid vietnam we have to protect our natural environment and make sure that the water isn't polluted the oil could help us do all that. i could he tell you what. i use house has no running water like most families in the region even if they did clean water is in short supply. the nearest major water treatment facility is currently under construction and not serious. ali hussein is taking
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a look at the site once it's finished the facility could supply clean water to $350000.00 people in the region people like a youth and his family but the project has been hobbled by lack of funds. to be honest we've been working on this project for 12 years sophism it was supposed to be finished in the 3 but there were various delays the building had its contract was drawn so i'm going to. there's always some new obstacle. then we brought in a new company. but they haven't made much progress either because there's never enough money i mean. the facility isn't a priority for the government and neither are the schools work on this building began in 2011 but was abandoned in 2012 with oil prices at
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a historic high that would have been plenty of money to build schools in the region . that's why parents have begun building schools out of mud brick also called adobe about a 1000 have already been built adobe is a traditional building material in southern iraq but it's not very durable. i have doesn't think his school will ever get electricity or running water. but for him that's not all that matters. ok this is a very good school all of my friends are here and the teachers are great especially mr sloan mr awwad we have lots of good teachers who are very good to us. and the other children are happy they can attend school when their break is over they all run back to the classroom to keep learning.
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last year there were just over 400000 catholic priests to minister to a global catholic community of $1300000000.00 slightly less than in 2017 priests are in short supply in south america for example there's just one priest for every 7000 catholics and those men a stretched to the limit some suggest the church could ease the problem by altering the eligibility requirements. nelson cardozo is a devout catholic. but at the moment he's not altogether happy with his church. he's critical of the celibacy requirement. every many to partner. pastors in the protestant church have them so catholic priest should be allowed to have a wife to. look at them and we just couldn't. jose
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has largely been abandoned the painters faders and moisture has seeped into the wards today children play in the church that lies deep in the amazon rain forest the priest in charge can only make rare visits. mass is held here once every 3 months at most. fishermen cardozo believes there's an obvious solution to the shortage of catholic priests in the amazon. with us the church should provide training to married men. and allow them to hold mass in the place of priests. it's a challenge to tradition but it has widespread support in the amazon region.
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the boat is about to set out from the harbor of santo dame father agile barito may not look like a member of the clergy but he's one of the most senior priests in the region he swung to celibacy and tells us he's been celibate his own tile life. on this trip to a remote congregation will take him at least 6 hours to spend much of the time in a hammock father edgel berto has also become critical of celibacy. that. francis has recognized that our congregations in the amazon need the help of mary priests why should only chase priests be allowed. this is a major issue in the church right now and i see it as a blessing. during the boat ride it becomes apparent what father edgel beto is talking about congregations are far apart travelling by boat takes a long time and the church struggles to find young people willing to be celibate.
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in the village of san francisco father edgel beto is greeted by 200 young catholics . he'll be holding an outdoor mass here on the riverbank. only priests a permitted to consecrate the bread that's why he made the 6 hour journey. san francisco is hosting a meeting of catholic youth from the region it's also a chance for some socializing. father edgel beto also talks about the pope's synod of amazonian bishops and possible plans to ease the celibacy requirement. for the 1st time ever the pope married men to hold mass. if god wills it one day even women might be allowed to do that as well.
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it's an idea that would end centuries of church teaching. i support getting rid of the celibacy requirement if a priest wants to be changed fine but it should be voluntary and not obligatory. pope francis has said the idea will be given discussion in the vatican the catholic church is looking for ways to cope with a lack of priests and help reverse declining membership. indigenous catholics are demanding radical change. from even the vatican's conservatives. back in san francisco an evening ceremony is underway it's mainly young women who are playing leading roles and they're asking for a greater say in the church me. it
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would be nice simply men could finally hold mass well. we're also affected by the shortage of priests. but that's why i think women should be permitted to give communion as well but this. by this moment but this that. most members of males and congregation support the end of celibacy in the priesthood. that could be held every sunday and not just once every 3 months. married men could lead services milsom would also be willing. they. there's no reason not to do that. we see that protestant ministers have wives and children from the that's what we want to watch them from near the. historic shift in the catholic church may be under way inspired in part by the amazon region
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bloody near putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali monthly captured much more was to turn the camera back on the young according to the film secretly krone cold a power grab back showing everything was was serious news like instruction. featuring thompson pouring rolls into the brush. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. the good mayor 7 years of age of the ends justify the means. clinton's witnesses starts december 13th on d w. e that remains get.
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this is news live from berlin the evidence of misconduct in office is overwhelming that's the conclusion reached by the house investigation into u.s. president donald trump live to our correspondent in washington for the lights coming up. as nato turned 70 french president. and stands by his warning of the alliance president trump calls the remark nasty language that disputes of a shadowy plan to some.


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